Sweden 2013

This summer you have the opportunity to play Mad about the Boy!

The larp will be played in Västerås, Sweden. The game language will be English, and all information will be given in this language.

The Swedish run is organized through Sensus, with Morgan Jarl, Annika Waern, Ulrika Wiborgh and Qla Zetterberg as producers and the original larpwrights Margrete Raaum, Tor Kjetil Edland and Trine Lise Lindahl as artistic crew.



  • June 24th-27th - Mixed gender run. Open to people of all genders who want to play women.
  • June 27th-30th- All-female run. Open to people who identify as women.

Each run can take up to 38 participants. If you identify as a woman, you can partake in both games, as long as there is room for everybody. You can only sign up to one game in the first round. If there are more spaces we will open a second round for those who wish to partake in both games.


Time frame for each run:

  • Day 1 Arrival and workshop. Workshops start at 14.00.
  • Day 2 Workshop and Act 1.
  • Day 3 Act 2, debrief and afterlarp party.
  • Day 4 Clean up. Departure at 14.00.