Earlier runs

Norway June 2010 - Original run

Mad About the boy was first run in Trysil, Norway 28.6-4.7.2010.

The organizers were Margrete Raaum, Tor Kjetil Edland and Trine Lise Lindahl with help from Morgan Jarl and Anna-Karin Linder.

There were two runs, one with all female participation and one with a mixed gender group.

Documentation and reviews


The Netherlands February 2012 - &Eva

Based on the larpscript from Do Larp, a Dutch group organized the adaptation &Eva. They used the original material, but decided to do it in a non-transparent way, keeping the man's arrival a secret. To avoid players searching the net and finding documentation from the first run, they changed the title to the very nice &Eva.

Organizers were Polomeus, Anastaszia, Nina and Jane Starz.

It was run in Laren, The Netherlands in February 2012. This run was an all female run.



USA October 2012 - Showcasing Nordic larp in the US

The US run of the game was a cooperation between the original writers and a production group on the American East coast.

American organizers were Lizzie Stark, Sarah Miles, A.A. George, Jeramy Merritt, George Locke and Emily Care Boss.

The larp was held at Camp Cedarcrest, Orange, Connecticut, and was an all female run. The participants came from many different larping communities, and there were also a quite high number of first time larpers.

This run sparked quite a lot of controversy in the American larp communities, being the first Nordic larp to be imported to the US and raising issues around gender roles, heteronormativity, parenting, democracy and lots of other issues. The larp was also critizied for supposedly trying to be a lot of things it was never intended to be, as one can see from some of the documentation below.


Documentation and reviews