Below is a short presentation of the characters divided into groups.  There are 34 written characters for now. If the Swedish run fills up, we will add four more characters. With fewer players, one or more of the trios can be removed from the game. In some of the trios it is decided who is the intended birth mother, in others this might be open for discussion and conflict.

The full characters can be found as a PDF in Appendix 1.

The Committee has been selected to choose the women who will get to raise a child in this first part of the new Nordic insemination program. In the first act they will organize a selection process, including interviews and tests of the applicants.

The Survivalists are a group of women belonging to a community which strives to be as self sufficient as possible. They are skeptical to the ability of the state to manage things in these present circumstances, but go along with the programme to secure a child for their community.

The Artists are three women who are used to either taking the spotlight, or making sure they have a say in who is in it. Their plan is to document the conception, birth and childhood of a human being born into this world. It will be beautiful. Truly a work of art.

The Lovers is a polyamorous group of three and a fixture of the scene in the city offering art and entertainment in these hard times. Even though they can be a close knit unit they are three women who are not shy to occasionally let their personalities and temperaments clash in public.

The Wealthy Women. The heiress of a fishery empire, the entrepreneur and the housewife. Together they are a resourceful family unit wealthy enough to provide for all the needs of a child.

The Professionals. Who can be more qualified to raise a child then a psychiatrist, a teacher and a social worker? These three women are not a family and more acquaintances than friends really.

The Nuclear Family. This is the family that in the strongest sense resembles a family like they used to be: a mother, a father and a grandmother, only the prospective father is a drag king. The young woman in this group has a history of being treated badly by men in her life before they all died.

The Muslim Sisterhood. A common faith bind these otherwise very different women together. Compared to many secular women their faith might help them make sense of life after the disaster. The downside is that if they lose the belief that there is a meaning to the suffering, the existential crisis might become ever so much deeper.

Three Generations. The women left in this family is the dominating grandmother, her haunted daughter in law and the teenage granddaughter. Theirs is not a harmonious relationship, but they already have a family structure, and know each others faults and fortes.

The Best Friends. These two have the sort of dependent, slightly dysfunctional, slightly unbalanced sort of friendship. They are not fully aware of what the program is and who will be the birthmother.

Linn is not part of a trio and is a wild card in the selection process. She is a survivor, a person who is honest with herself, a no- nonsense, practical woman. Formerly a page 3 girl, she's now an undertaker, a scavenger and somewhat of an action girl.

Isak is the last man on Earth. Feeling like a lone sailor caught in a storm at sea. He has been hiding in the forest alone during the three years which has passed since the disaster, he was recently captured by a gang of women planning to profit from him. He managed to escape and has run naked through the forest for hours when he comes crashing into the game at the end of act one.